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CRPS Patients Compare Pain to Childbirth, Amputation

There has been a lot of talk lately about chronic pain and the new rules the FDA is recommending on prescription drug usage. But what’s not in the news is a chronic pain condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). It causes debilitating pain, affecting the arms, legs, hands or feet and usually occurs after an injury or another type of trauma.

For some patients, the condition is so bad patients are not able to walk for longer than 10 minutes at a time as their legs start to shake uncontrollably. Although difficult to diagnose, doctors know that CRPS affects the nervous system as it sends constant pain signals to the brain. Patients describe their pain score at 42 out of 50, based on the McGill Pain Index that doctors use to measure their pain levels. This score is much higher than the kind of pain patients experience for childbirth and amputation.

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On the heels of deadly San Diego car accident that took the lives of two people, including a former Marine, California Highway Patrol are now investigating a pedestrian accident involving an adult and child in Borrego Springs.

It happened Tuesday evening. Details of the accident are unclear, however officials say the victims were on foot when they were struck by a car. The victims were flown to area hospitals with injuries. The driver of the car allegedly stayed at the scene until officers arrived.

Pedestrian accidents killed more than 4-thousand people each year, and injure 70-thousand more. Unfortunately, research conducted on hospital records shows that only a fraction of pedestrian accidents that cause injury are reported to police.

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San Diego personal injury attorneys know that school bus safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why the team at the Elia Law Firm, APC paid attention to a recent news report that cited the concerns of a local parent who allegedly witnessed a San Diego Unified School District bus driver writing and reading while at the wheel with students on board.

Myles Cooper says he had just dropped off his daughter at elementary school and was slowly merging onto the westbound Interstate 8 at College Avenue when he noticed the school bus not keeping up with the onramp traffic.

Cooper told 10News, “You can see very clearly the hand of the bus driver holding a paper and a pencil right on top of the steering wheel,” he said.

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As wrongful death lawyers we are often touched by the cases we handle and the stories the read in the news. And this one about the Asam wrongful death case is no exception.

In a case that has made national headlines, a 13-year old girl was awarded $150 million after she watched her family burn to death in a fiery accident on a Los Angeles freeway. The jury found a California trucking company and one of its drivers liable in the deaths of three members of the Asam family nearly four years ago.

Kylie Asam was 9 when she and her 11-year-old brother, Blaine, managed to escape from their family’s mangled SUV after it struck and got caught under a big rig parked on the shoulder of Interstate 210 nearly four years ago. They saw their parents and older brother get burned alive after the vehicle they were trapped in caught fire.

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San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys have been alerted to a string of car accidents in the San Diego area this past week – all of them extremely serious.

The latest happened early this morning in Solana Beach where CHP responded to an injury accident on the southbound side of Interstate 5. Police say a man and a woman crashed their pickup truck into the center divide. Crews used the Jaws of Life to pull one of the victims out of the truck. Both the man and woman were transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Officials are also investigating a head-on crash that killed one person in Ramona Thursday night.  The accident happened in the 21000 block of San Vicente Road. Cal Fire officials said two cars were involved, and there were at least three patients at the scene. The patients were temporarily trapped inside the vehicles, and emergency crews worked to extricate them. Police have not released the name of the victims or the cause of the accident.

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New Legislation Promotes CRPS/RSD Awareness

As a leading San Diego CRPS attorney, I am constantly combing the news wires for updates on CRPS treatments, breakthroughs, and cases. An article came to my attention recently that reported on a huge step being taken in the state of Ohio for CRPS patients.

Ohio lawmakers passed legislation in 2012 that would help to increase public awareness of RSD/CRPS. The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Education Act went into effect March 13, 2013, requiring the Ohio Department of Health to include information on their website about CRPS, such as available treatment options and resources for diagnosis and treatment.

The Act also designates the month of November as CRPS Awareness Month for the state of Ohio.

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Old Tires Pose a Major Car Accident Risk

Our team of San Diego car accident attorneys are always fielding questions about tire safety. Unfortunately, there are no laws in California that restrict the sale of aged tires. Yes, there are tire inspection laws… but they only test for wear and tear.

A tire has a life of about 6 years. During that time tread wears down, inflation levels fluctuate, rubber dries out.  Older tires, especially if they have surpassed their expiration date, are prone to dangerous blow-outs and separation of the tread.

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Fixed-gear bicycles – or so called Fixie Bikes are a new fad in the San Diego area. They are also allegedly responsible for a recent San Diego fixie bike accident that killed a 17-year-old boy.

Fixies are modified bikes that don’t ride like your average multiple-speed bicycle. Unprepared riders can be bucked off if they don’t know how to stop. The pedals are always in motion when the bike is moving- meaning you can never stop pedaling and just coast. If a rider wants to stop the bike, his or her legs must be strong enough to stop the pedals.

Kids love them because they’re reliable, and less likely to break down.

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