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El Cajon Auto Accident Attorney

Over 15,000 car accidents a year in and around El Cajon  leave many injured and unable to pay their bills.

If you’re one of them, you need us. We’re expert auto accident attorneys for El Cajon. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The statistics are staggering, and despite recent improvements in car crash ratings and public awareness of auto safety, car accidents remain one of the biggest causes of death in the United States. Every year more than 2.5 million Americans are injured, and over 40,000 killed in traffic accidents. In San Diego alone, there were over 15,000 car accidents in 2013 according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many severe auto accidents take place at high speeds and on major roads like Highway 8 going in and out of El Cajon.

The severity of an auto accident depends on a variety of factors including safety belt use, road conditions, auto repair issues, and time of day. In just a moment, the occupants of a vehicle that sustains an auto accident can see their trip turn from routine to devastating. The injuries suffered from auto accidents are as varied as their victims. Everything from bruises and scrapes to broken bones, whiplash, facial disfigurement, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and death can await an auto accident victim. And gaining competent medical treatment is often only the beginning of the victim’s long struggle for justice and compensation for issues such as ongoing medical care, pain and suffering, necessary psychiatric intervention, lost wages, and the need for vocational rehabilitation.

Insurance companies want you to believe your case is worth less than it is.

Don’t settle for less. With our experts on your side, we can help you get more.

Dealing with the aftermath of auto accidents is never easy. Complicated insurance policies and new comparative fault systems lead to increasing confusion about the rights of the car accident victim. Some victims sign away a lot of their due compensation to insurance companies in exchange for a small payment, not understanding that they may be entitled to more when a negligent driver causes harm on the road. Insurance companies often try to pay a token settlement to accident victims, but these are often not enough to even begin to pay for the expenses associated with an accident.

For this reason, car accident victims are advised to consult with a personal injury lawyer before accepting any settlement whatsoever. The right personal injury attorney understands the legal system and their clients’ rights and can help them obtain the compensation they truly deserve versus a token settlement that does not cover their needs or acknowledge their pain and suffering. (In the event of death in car accidents, these cases may fall under the umbrella of “wrongful death,” in which case family members should seek restitution with the aid of an attorney. See our Wrongful Death Lawyer page for more information.)

The attorneys here at The Elia Law Firm, APC are experts in car accident injuries as they relate to liability and understand how frustrating an auto accident can be for victims and their families. We’re committed to helping our clients fight for justice and compensation – and back up that commitment with a long background in injury law and an excellent reputation in the legal community both in El Cajon and the surrounding areas.

Have you been hurt in an auto accident in El Cajon? Don’t delay – you may have limited time to retain an attorney and file a civil lawsuit.

Call one of the car accident attorneys here today for more information and a confidential, FREE phone consultation and find out what your case is worth.

For all car crash injury cases, there is NO FEE UNTIL WE WIN.