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Kia Driver says Sunroof Explosion Sounded Like a “Gun Shot”

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Source: News 8

A Marine woman driving on Interstate 15 in Fallbrook was startled by a loud bang. It was the sunroof of her brand new 2013 Kia Sorento. Krystal Miller says the sunroof exploded.

Krystal Miller told News 8 that as she was driving, she started to feel a lot of pressure in her ears. She said, “I was trying to pop them and the next thing I hear what sounded like a gunshot– literally sounded like a shotgun or something went off inside the car… a couple seconds later, I’m covered in glass.”

Krystal said a metal rod from the sunroof then came crashing down on her chest, “and I whipped the wheel, and I almost flipped my car over, because I was going 75 mph in middle lane on cruise control. It was really traumatizing. I’m just really thankful that my daughter wasn’t killed, or me, and that I was able to gain control of my car after the pole hit me.”

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