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Category: Slip and Fall Accidents

As a leading group of San Diego personal injury attorneys, we consult on many slip and fall lawsuits. Unfortunately, though, customers who slip and injure themselves at super markets don’t take legal action because they feel their fall was simply an accident.

Truth be told, a grocery store slip and fall accident may very well be the business’s fault. In other words, their neglect may be to blame for your injury.

Case in point. Just last year in Gwinnett County, Georgia, $2.3 million was awarded to customer in a slip-and-fall lawsuit against food retailer Kroger.

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A slip and fall injury can happen anywhere: in a friend’s home, in a grocery store, or while walking along a sidewalk or in a parking lot. If you suffer a slip and fall in San Diego, follow as many of these tips as you can to help establish what happened and protect your rights.

The first thing you should do after a slip and fall is to seek medical care for your injuries. Since some slip and fall injuries take a few days to fully appear, be sure to seek follow-up care if your pain increases or you have problems moving or performing daily tasks. Photograph or have your physician’s office photograph any bruises, scrapes, cuts, or other injuries that appear on the outside of your body.

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