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What to Do After a San Diego Slip and Fall Injury

A slip and fall injury can happen anywhere: in a friend’s home, in a grocery store, or while walking along a sidewalk or in a parking lot. If you suffer a slip and fall in San Diego, follow as many of these tips as you can to help establish what happened and protect your rights.

The first thing you should do after a slip and fall is to seek medical care for your injuries. Since some slip and fall injuries take a few days to fully appear, be sure to seek follow-up care if your pain increases or you have problems moving or performing daily tasks. Photograph or have your physician’s office photograph any bruises, scrapes, cuts, or other injuries that appear on the outside of your body.

As soon as possible after your fall, take photographs of the accident area, including any spills, cracks or other conditions that may have caused your fall. Write down everything you remember about your fall, including the time of day, the lighting, how busy the area was, whether you were carrying anything, and what the weather was like. If other people witnessed your fall, get witness names and addresses.

If you slip and fall on property owned by a business, like a grocery store or sidewalk, the business may ask you to fill out an accident report. An accident report is an excellent way to preserve memories about the conditions that caused your fall. However, do not sign any waiver, settlement agreement, or other document before you consult an experienced San Diego slip and fall lawyer. A property owner or insurance company may press you to accept a settlement much lower than the actual costs involved in your fall. A skilled San Diego premises liability attorney will help you protect your rights and fight to win you the full compensation you deserve. Call The Elia Law Firm, APC today at 619-444-2244 for a free case evaluation.

Steven Elia

Steven Elia

Mr. Elia has extensive litigation experience having appeared at more than 1,000 civil hearings including jury and bench trials, over 500 depositions, and hundreds of mediations. Some of his cases have made national headlines. He specializes in personal injury, business law and civil litigation in and around San Diego.