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Mission Valley Head-On Car Accident Injures 2

A head-on car accident in San Diego close to Qualcomm Stadium resulted in two drivers sustaining several broken bones. According to 10News, one of the injured motorists, a 70 year old man, lost control of his Ford pickup truck as he was headed westbound. As a consequence, the man suddenly changed direction and crossed the roadway, striking an oncoming small passenger Dodge Stratus being driven by a 25 year old man.

The impact was so great that firefighters had to free both men from their smashed vehicles. The older man endured rib, hand, foot, and thigh bone fractures and the younger man required emergency care for breaks in both of his femurs. While it is unclear at this time why the pickup truck driver lost control and veered into oncoming traffic in the opposite lane, distracted driving or driver fatigue may have played a role.

The men involved in the above accident are lucky to have survived the crash. Several head-on collisions often lead to head injury, which is why auto manufacturers and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officials continue to develop car-truck compatibility in the event of a head-on accident.

Head-on collisions in San Diego and throughout California often result in serious injuries due to the vulnerable position of motorists and front-seat passengers. Several head-on crashes also involve high vehicle speed, which contributes to the severity of injuries. These types of auto accidents can lead to catastrophic injury and even death, especially when drivers and passengers fail to use seat belts or due to improper air bag deflation or other potential auto defects.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a San Diego car accident that you believe was caused by another driver’s negligence, San Diego auto accident lawyer Steven Elia can help you obtain compensation for lost wages, medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other damages. Call 619-444-2244 today for a free consultation and to learn more about your legal rights.

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Steven Elia

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