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Category: CRPS

As a CRPS attorney in San Diego, I keep on top of news and research that may benefit my clients with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome as well as any cases related to CRPS. The following information about a possible new pain contributor in CRPS patients caught my attention this week. A study on mice conducted by John Hopkins University and the University of Maryland has found that a chemical released by the brain known to produce a feeling of happiness and  a sense of well-being can actually be a contributor to Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.  Serotonin was found to provoke hyperactivity of TRPV1, the protein required to activate pain-sensing nerve cells.

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Tips for a Successful CRPS Case

Handling a CRPS lawsuit can be time consuming and complicated. And, unfortunately, if the case is handled by an attorney who doesn’t specialize in CRPS cases, the case may be lost. For an attorney to handle an CRPS case, he must have knowledge of the particular area of the law involved, knowledge of medicine generally, and knowledge of CRPS in particular.

As a qualified CRPS attorney in San Diego, there are a number of way I can ensure that cases involving patients with CRPS get resolved quickly and successfully.

Stick to One Doctor

Jumping from doctor to doctor can be problematic. During trial, the defense may argue that you sought doctor after doctor until you found one who would report what you wanted. You may be portrayed as being emotionally unbalanced. Multiple doctor and insurance claims may also raise a red flag in court.

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CRPS Patients Compare Pain to Childbirth, Amputation

There has been a lot of talk lately about chronic pain and the new rules the FDA is recommending on prescription drug usage. But what’s not in the news is a chronic pain condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). It causes debilitating pain, affecting the arms, legs, hands or feet and usually occurs after an injury or another type of trauma.

For some patients, the condition is so bad patients are not able to walk for longer than 10 minutes at a time as their legs start to shake uncontrollably. Although difficult to diagnose, doctors know that CRPS affects the nervous system as it sends constant pain signals to the brain. Patients describe their pain score at 42 out of 50, based on the McGill Pain Index that doctors use to measure their pain levels. This score is much higher than the kind of pain patients experience for childbirth and amputation.

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New Legislation Promotes CRPS/RSD Awareness

As a leading San Diego CRPS attorney, I am constantly combing the news wires for updates on CRPS treatments, breakthroughs, and cases. An article came to my attention recently that reported on a huge step being taken in the state of Ohio for CRPS patients.

Ohio lawmakers passed legislation in 2012 that would help to increase public awareness of RSD/CRPS. The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Education Act went into effect March 13, 2013, requiring the Ohio Department of Health to include information on their website about CRPS, such as available treatment options and resources for diagnosis and treatment.

The Act also designates the month of November as CRPS Awareness Month for the state of Ohio.

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Why You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your CRPS Case

As a leading San Diego CRPS attorney, I see many cases in which people suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome simply don’t know they have a legal case on their hands.

The pain that accompanies CRPS can be debilitating. The neurological syndrome can cause people to stay out of work, leading to difficult financial problems.

What is CRPS?

CRPS is a condition that causes pain in a localized portion of the body. Often the part of the body that is effected underwent surgery for an accident – like a car accident. Even though the wounds might seem to heal, that pain persists, and this type of pain can be enough to hinder movement, cause mind numbing pain, and more. Burning sensations, joint pain, and muscle spasms are some of the other symptoms associated with CRPS.

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