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New Legislation Promotes CRPS/RSD Awareness

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As a leading San Diego CRPS attorney, I am constantly combing the news wires for updates on CRPS treatments, breakthroughs, and cases. An article came to my attention recently that reported on a huge step being taken in the state of Ohio for CRPS patients.

Ohio lawmakers passed legislation in 2012 that would help to increase public awareness of RSD/CRPS. The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Education Act went into effect March 13, 2013, requiring the Ohio Department of Health to include information on their website about CRPS, such as available treatment options and resources for diagnosis and treatment.

The Act also designates the month of November as CRPS Awareness Month for the state of Ohio.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic, painful nerve condition that affects more than a million Americans. For people with the disorder, an injury as minor as a fractured wrist or twisted ankle can cause the nerves to flare up, causing severe and constant pain. The pain can last for years…. and even spread to other parts of the body.

CRPS cases are often under-diagnosed.  The average patient sees 8 to 10 doctors before a CRPS diagnosis is made, according to a survey by American RSDHope.

Ohio’s legislative act is a positive step for CRPS patients nationwide, as it will add to the increase in public knowledge about the condition, and help spread the word to citizens and healthcare providers across the country. Our hope – as San Diego personal injury lawyers –  is that other states, like California, will follow in Ohio’s footsteps and pass similar legislation.


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