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Research Sheds Light on New Pain Contributor in CRPS Patients


As a CRPS attorney in San Diego, I keep on top of news and research that may benefit my clients with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome as well as any cases related to CRPS. The following information about a possible new pain contributor in CRPS patients caught my attention this week. A study on mice conducted by John Hopkins University and the University of Maryland has found that a chemical released by the brain known to produce a feeling of happiness and  a sense of well-being can actually be a contributor to Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.  Serotonin was found to provoke hyperactivity of TRPV1, the protein required to activate pain-sensing nerve cells.

A study led by an associate professor of neuroscience at John Hopkins University of Medicine observed a group of nerve bundles found in the face of mice called the trigeminal nerve, a nerve that we humans also have to sense pain in our faces.  It has 3 branches, and when one nerve branch is pinched, the others become more sensitive and even over-sensitive to pain. In order to understand why, they injected a gene into the DNA of the mice that would cause the primary sensory nerves in their ears to glow green when activated. Rubbing a dose of Capsaicin on the ears would trigger these nerves.

The experiment demonstrated that nerves that don’t normally respond to pain can modify themselves when nearby nerves undergo prolonged injury, thus even more pain. Researchers also found that when they blocked the production of serotonin, which is released from the brain stem into the spinal cord, the hyperactivity of TRPV1 nearly disappeared. In inference, people taking anti-depressants who have also been diagnosed with CRPS should stop taking them immediately as it can worsen their pain.

“We found that persistent pain does not always originate in the brain, as some had believed, which is important information for designing less addictive drugs to fight it,” said researchers.

Don’t confuse your discomfort with another medication condition. Get help and get compensation.

Early diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is critical to your well being and future overall health. If you are you in chronic pain in San Diego and it’s surrounding areas, including the entire state of California, and have seen a pain specialist about CRPS, it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney here at the San Diego Elia Law Firm, APC, we are experts in CRPS litigation. We will work to:

  • Preserve your rights.
  • Refer you to the very best pain specialists.
  • Try to recover all of your CRPS-related expense.

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