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Driver inattention and reckless driving kill on water as on land

Boating accidents may not be as prevalent as motor vehicle accidents, but they are deadly nevertheless. Without lanes, stop lights, or even many other boats out on the open water, a handful of boating enthusiasts do not consider the ramifications that reckless steering of a boat truly has on other individuals. When safety standards are neglected, and individuals are injured out on the open seas, those responsible for causing the boating accident can be held responsible for their reckless actions.

Boating accidents are on the rise and becoming a greater cause for concern amongst boating enthusiasts.

According to the Coast Guard Boating Safety Division, there were 5,223 recreational boating accidents in 2007, an increase of 256 incidents from the previous yearProperty damage resulting from recreational boating accidents hit a record $53,288,858 in 2007, crushing the record set the year before. Furthermore, and most importantly, the number of injuries sustained from recreational boating accidents rose from 3,474 in 2006 to 3,686 in 2007, an indication that boating accidents are becoming a greater cause for concern amongst boating enthusiasts and all others who find themselves partaking in recreational boating.

As with any other vehicular accident, the causes of boating incidents resulting in injury center-around negligence. Driver inattention, reckless driving of the boat, including traveling at speeds in excess of those recommended to preserve safety, and driving under the influence of alcohol, are all factors that contribute to boating accidents. Furthermore, a lack of training and knowledge in operating boats, and a refusal to follow safety procedure are other factors that greatly increase the likelihood of a boating accident occurring. In fact, almost 75% of deaths that occur on boats result from the boat operator not having been properly trained in either safety procedure or general driving practice.

  • Injuries that result from boating accidents in San Diego are not always the fault of the individual that was injured.
  • If another person chooses to operate a boat in a reckless manner, and someone is hurt as a result, then the reckless boat operator can be held liable for damages associated with the accident.
  • Medical bills, physical therapy fees, and other costs associated with injuries brought on by the accident are all compensatory damages that may be sought after in a court of law.
  • If a San Diego boating accident results in personal injury or even wrongful death, then individuals affected by the accident, including family members, are also allowed to seek damages from negligent parties.

Regardless of the type of injury, it is important to remember that the best plan of action in any San Diego boating injury case is to retain the services of skilled legal counsel that has experience dealing with maritime accidents.

If your boat accident injury is due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation.

Obtaining compensation isn’t easy. First you need to prove negligence, and then you need to be prepared to face the opposing side. You need tough boating injury attorneys. You need the San Diego Elia Law Firm, APC.

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