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Category: Wrongful Death

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An accident involving a pickup truck during the California 200 off-road race in the Mojave Desert has left 12 injured and 8 people dead, including 4 men from San Diego. According to a news article on NBCSanDiego.com, the off-road truck lost control during a jump and slammed into the crowd, trapping spectators beneath it and causing others to be thrown to the side. Since the event was held in a secluded location in the Mojave Desert’s Soggy Dry Lake Bed near the city of Lucerne Valley, it took rescue teams over half an hour to assist injury victims.

The California Highway Patrol reported that hundreds of spectators attended the off-road racing event, including children. Various off-road vehicles careen around obstacles and take jumps, reaching speeds of more than 60mph on the 50-mile course. While alcohol has been ruled out as a contributing factor, it is not clear at this time why the driver lost control of the pickup truck.

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