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Category: Safety Concerns

San Diego Safety News, Laws, and Tips

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Police in Chula Vista, CA are cracking down on distracted drivers. On Saturday, 35 people were cited for distracted driving in the police department’s “Distracted Driving Operation.”

According to police, 29 drivers were cited for talking on handheld cellular phones while driving, and six were cited caught texting while driving. Each citation comes with a $159 fine.

The operation was part of an ongoing effort to improve traffic safety in Chula Vista.

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San Diego Car Accident LawyerWhen a doctor tells you that you are medically unfit to drive – HEED THE WARNING. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto, simply following this directive results in a dramatic drop in car accident numbers; roughly 45%.

The team analyzed data from Ontario, Canada where doctors have been required to report when patients have a condition that impacts their ability to drive safely.  However, very few doctors actually issue such reports.  So in 2006, the province of Ontario began paying physicians for reporting drivers who were medically unfit to drive.  The doctors were paid approximately $36 for reporting a patient and giving the unfit-to-drive warning.

As a result of these warnings, approximately 10% to 30% of the patients had their driving license suspended.  The researchers found that before the drivers received the unfit-to-drive warning, they suffered approximately 4.76 injuries in accidents for every 1000 drivers every year.  However, in the year following the warning, these motorists received 2.73 injuries per 1000 drivers every year.

That is a steep drop of 45%!

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Warning: Roadway Hazard Ahead

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Steven EliaAccidents happen. We all know that – but the truth is road hazards, like potholes, uneven pavement, and crumbling shoulders can cause the even most careful driver to veer off the road and lose control.

Our San Diego roads are not perfect. Sure, state and local agencies do their best to maintain the sand, tar, and gravel but the fact is roads are put under intense pressure by vehicles and mother nature. Over time, untended to roads fall apart. Decomposition occurs. Markings fade away.

Roads signs, believe it or not, can also become a hazard on the roads. While they are an important part of safe driving, they are just like roads and prone to fading, warping, and general disrepair. A fallen road sign leaves nearby drivers in a very dangerous situation, as drivers become blind to the important safety information those signs are meant to give. Road signs are also targets of thieves and vandals.

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California Moves to OK Driverless Cars

Google’s foray into driverless cars was not PR gimmick folks. It was the real deal and guess what – California is behind it all the way.

Gov. Jerry Brown will sign legislation that will pave the way for driverless cars to hit the roads in California. The bill would establish safety and performance regulations for autonomous vehicles.

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