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Category: Other Injuries

Compensation for Asbestos-Related IIlnesses

Asbestos exposure is a very real, very DANGEROUS situation that can result in serious sickness like mesothelioma, or lung cancer.

Whether you came into contact with the asbestos 20 or 30 years ago, through your work, through the work of a family member, or because of your long-term proximity to an asbestos-producing factory or mine, early diagnosis and treatment is very important. Early detection and treatment can slow the progression of asbestos-related illnesses.

Aside from contacting a doctor for testing and treatment of mesothelioma, you should also contact a San Diego asbestos attorney. An attorney will be able to get you or a victimized family member compensation based on how that person came in contact with the asbestos. Who was responsible for the exposure? How bad are the asbestos’ effects on health?

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Vending Machine Food Poisoning and Your Rights

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Steven EliaWhen getting food from a vending machine a good rule of thumb is to stick to buying items that are non-perishable. Food poisoning from vending machines in San Diego is a REAL PROBLEM and it has the potential to make people very sick.

A simple Snickers Candy Bar or a small bag of chips have, in some cases, been replaced by meats, dairy, even seafood! One vending machine that has come under fire for tainted food is called the Smart Butcher. The machine is packed with meats, steaks sausages and ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meats. All items in these machines are priced very low – lower, in fact, than what  you’d find at a supermarket.

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Understanding Comparative Fault in San Diego

Most California personal injury cases are tried under a negligence standard. This means that, in order to prove that someone else should be held responsible for your injuries, you must show that the other person acted with less care than a reasonable person would use, and that, if the other person had not acted carelessly, you would not have been hurt.

But what if part of your injury was your own fault? In these cases, California applies a rule known as comparative fault. In a comparative fault case, you are entitled to recover the amount of monetary damage your injury has caused, minus a percentage that represents how much of the injury was your fault. For instance, if a court finds that the other driver in a car accident was 90 percent responsible for the accident and you were 10 percent responsible, you will be allowed to recover only up to 90 percent of your damages from the other person.

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Traumatic spinal cord injuries affect nearly 1.25 million people in the U.S., leading to incomplete or absolute paralysis and a loss of sensory below the point of injury. A recent Reuters story reports that a study published in the Public Library of Science Journal has revealed the potential of fixing damaged spinal cords within weeks or even months after an accident.

The study’s results derive from immature human nerve cells that were transferred into the spines of mice, in which the mice were able to walk better after the insertion. Some mice received the cells a month after their spines were surgically severed, which demonstrates that the potential of spinal cord injury treatment may exceed the few days after an accident in order to be successful.

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