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Common Myths About What to Do after a Car Accident


As a law firm equipped with seasoned San Diego car accident attorneys, we understand the unforeseen nature of car accidents. Shockingly, according to the National Safety Council, more than 10 million car accidents take place annually in the United States. These incidents represent a somber reality, yet in many instances, they could have been prevented.

Regrettably, following a car accident, many individuals find themselves at a loss regarding the necessary steps to take, particularly if they sustain injuries. Often, panic sets in, potentially leading to further harm and the loss of crucial evidence. It’s essential to recognize that post-accident protocols typically involve addressing medical needs, filing a police report, notifying auto insurance providers, and reaching out to an experienced San Diego car accident attorney.

Drawing from our extensive experience handling numerous San Diego car accident cases, it’s evident that various myths and misconceptions surround post-accident procedures. Here are some of the most prevalent ones:

Myth #1: I am obligated to answer all inquiries posed by the insurance company regarding the accident.

Truth: You are only required to inform the insurance companies that you were involved in an accident and are seeking guidance from a San Diego car accident lawyer. You may also mention that you are seeking medical attention. However, you are not obligated to delve into the specifics of your injuries or apportion blame.

Myth #2: I cannot pursue compensation for my car accident injuries because I share some responsibility for the incident.

Truth: You may still be entitled to compensation if the other party is deemed more negligent than you. Our car accident lawyers meticulously examine the circumstances surrounding your accident to advocate for the maximum damages you are owed.

Myth #3: A trial is necessary to secure full compensation in my car accident case.

Truth: As your car accident lawyer in San Diego, I can often facilitate a fair settlement through out-of-court negotiations. Our seasoned attorneys ensure that you are well-informed about the pros and cons of all available legal avenues tailored to your specific situation.

In the aftermath of an auto collision, a San Diego car accident attorney serves as your most valuable ally. Prioritize contacting the authorities and seeking medical assistance. Subsequently, reach out to a lawyer without delay. With the guidance of an experienced San Diego car accident lawyer, you can pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve.


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