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For many, getting a permit to sell alcoholic beverages in San Diego (aka a liquor license) can be an uphill battle. Having a San Diego attorney by your side to fight for your rights and guide you through the process is often necessary to assure a successful outcome.

Elia Law Firm, APC has represented a variety of San Diego businesses that have applied and obtained or transferred an alcoholic beverage control license issued by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) . Businesses we’ve helped obtain ABC licenses include bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and gas stations. The types of licenses we’ve assisted clients obtain or transfer include type 20 off sale beer and wine license, type 21 off sale general liquor license, type 41 on-sale beer and wine, type 47 on-sale general, and other types. As a busy business owner in San Diego, you may not have the time or the expertise to deal with the ABC to obtain or transfer your ABC license for your business. Dealing with the ABC can be a laborious task which may take several months before you obtain or transfer an ABC license. Elia Law Firm, APC can do the work for you so you are free to run your business. We also help break through roadblocks to increase your chances of  success.
If the ABC application is not filled out correctly, it may be rejected or denied. Don’t waste time. We’ll make sure it’s down right, right from the start.

Some benefits you receive when you hire our law firm to assist you in obtaining or transferring your liquor license in San Diego:

  • In addition to being a licensed attorney, Steven A. Elia and Holly Semaan are also Notary Publics which allows them to notarize your ABC application at their office which means that you don’t ever have to step into an ABC district office or deal with any ABC personnel. Our San Diego business law firm can handle all aspects of the ABC application or transfer process.
  • A typical ABC application could be 15-25 pages long and may require specific detailed information about the applicant. In most ABC applications, additional documentation about the business may be required. If the ABC application is not filled out correctly, it may be rejected or denied. Our firm has handled many ABC applications throughout the years and has the necessary expertise to assist you in obtaining or transferring your alcoholic beverage control license.
  • We provide convenience, guidance and assurance that your ABC application or transfer will be completed correctly.
  • You meet one on one with one of our business attorneys who advises you about your particular situation.

ABC liquor license types for San Diego businesses

Temporary Liquor Licenses

ABC License Code Description of License
30 Temporary Retail Permit (Only in conjunction with a Person to Person transfer)

Non-Profit Temporary Liquor Licenses

ABC License Code Description of License
31 Special Daily License (Temporary Beer or Wine)
32 Daily Beer
33 Daily Wine
34 Daily Beer and Wine
37 Daily On-Sale General

Off-Sale Liquor Licenses

ABC License Code Description of License
20 Off-Sale Beer and Wine
21 Off-Sale General

On-Sale Liquor Licenses

ABC License Code Description of License
40 On-Sale Beer
41 On-Sale Beer and Wine for Bona Fide Public Eating Place
42 On-Sale Beer and Wine for Public Premises
43 On-Sale Beer and Wine for Train
44 On-Sale Beer for Fishing Party Boat
45 On-Sale Beer and Wine for Boat
46 On-Sale Beer and Wine for Airplane
47 On-Sale General for Bona Fide Public Eating Place
48 On-Sale General for Public Premises
49 On-Sale General for Seasonal Business
50 On-Sale General for Club
51 Club
52 Veterans’ Club
53 On-Sale General for Train
54 On-Sale General for Boat
55 On-Sale General for Airplane
56 On-Sale General for Vessel of more than 1,000 tons burden
57 Special On-Sale General
58 Caterer’s Permit
59 On-Sale Beer and Wine for Seasonal Business
60 On-Sale Beer for Seasonal Business
61 On-Sale Beer for Public Premises
62 On-Sale General Bona Fide Public Eating Place Intermittent Dockside Vessel
63 On-Sale Beer and Wine for Hospital
64 Special On-Sale General Theatre
65 Special On-Sale Beer and Wine, Symphony
66 Controlled Access Cabinet Permit
67 Bed and Breakfast Inn
68 Portable Bar
69 Special On-Sale Beer & Wine Theater
70 On-Sale General Restrictive Service
75 On-Sale General Brew-Pub
76 On-Sale General Maritime Museum Association
77 Event Permit
78 On Sale General Wine, Food and Art Cultural Museum
80 Special On-Sale General Bed and Breakfast Inn
83 On-Sale General Caterer’s License

Non-Retail Liquor Licenses

ABC License Code Description of License
01 Beer Manufacturer
02 Winegrower
03 Brandy Manufacturer
04 Distilled Spirits Manufacturer
05 Distilled Spirits Manufacturer’s Agent
06 Still
07 Rectifier
08 Wine Rectifier
09 Beer and Wine Importer
10 Beer and Wine Importer’s General
11 Brandy Importer
12 Distilled Spirits Importer
13 Distilled Spirits Importer’s General
14 Public Warehouse
15 Customs Broker
16 Wine Broker
17 Beer and Wine Wholesaler
18 Distilled Spirits Wholesaler
19 Industrial Alcohol Dealer
22 Wine Blender
23 Small Beer Manufacturer
24 Distilled Spirits Rectifier’s General
25 Brandy Wholesaler
26 Out-of-State Beer Manufacturer’s Certificate
27 Winegrowers Agent
28 Out-of-State Distilled Spirits Shipper’s Certificate
29 Winegrape Grower’s Certificate
79 Certified Farmers’ Market Sales Permit
81 Wine Sales Event Permit
82 Direct Shipper Permit
If your business is seeking to serve alcoholic beverages and need to obtain or transfer a liquor license, hire one of our attorneys here at Elia Law Firm in San Diego. We’ll cut through the hype and then meet you for a glass of wine or beer at your establishment when the time comes.
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