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Ford Floor Mats Under Government Investigation

Drive a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury automobile? Please pay attention to the following story.

The federal government has expanded its investigation into floor mats that interfere with pedals in 480,000 vehicles.

The floor mats — sold with 2008-2010 model-year Ford Fusions, Mercury Milans and Lincoln MKZs — can cause surprise acceleration if not secured properly to the floorboards, The New York Times reports. The floor mats can be nudged forward by the driver’s foot and can push the gas pedal.

NHTSA has gotten 52 complaints so far. No accidents have been reported, but in all cases those complaining reported that the mats prevented the gas pedal from returning to idle. Drivers report stopping the acceleration by either shifting to neutral or turning the car off.

The agency says not all 2010 models are affected, since Ford introduced new pedals partway through that year.

NHTSA investigations often lead to recalls, so please be on the lookout for further details regarding this incident.

If you have a story to share about your encounters with floor mats, or any other faulty function, inside your Ford vehicle? Please email us your story. An experienced San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer like Steven Elia knows your rights and what you are entitled to.

ford floor mat investigation

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