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Police Investigate Another Possible San Diego Knockout Attack

Another possible San Diego knockout attack has police on high alert. This, after a Ocean Beach man came forward this week claiming he was possibly the victim of the ‘knockout’ game on Valentine’s Day night.

In November, local news stations reported on two possible knockout attacks in the Gaslamp Quarter. The Valentine’s Day attack allegedly happened near Sunset Cliffs. In an anonymous letter sent to OBRag.org, a person calling himself a fourth-generation Ocean Beach resident said he climbed the stairs near a seawall and walked up Pescadero Avenue when he was suddenly sucker-punched several times in the face. The victim said two attackers included one man in a gold party mask and another possibly in a silver mask. They were also wearing jeans and white hoodies.

San Diego police confirm that victim – a 36-year-old man – walked into a substation approximately 10 hours after the attack and filed a report. Officials say they are treating the case as a random attack. And despite that in previous knockout attacks the assailants have not worn masks, police say they are not ruling out the game connection.

Uploaded videos of the knockout game are unfortunately becoming very popular. In the knockout game, assailants randomly punch people on the street in an attempt to knock them out with one blow – all while captured on video.

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Steven Elia

Steven Elia

Mr. Elia has extensive litigation experience having appeared at more than 1,000 civil hearings including jury and bench trials, over 500 depositions, and hundreds of mediations. Some of his cases have made national headlines. He specializes in personal injury, business law and civil litigation in and around San Diego.