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Breakthrough Spinal Cord Injury Research at UC San Diego

San Diego Attorney Personal Injury LawyerSpinal cord injury research is always evolving, and news from UC San Diego gives even more hope to people with spinal cord injuries.

UCSD scientists say they have discovered a way to enable nerve fibers to grow AFTER a severe spinal cord injury has occurred. Their study was conducted on rats. Scientists used stem cells – in the form of a gel application – to rewire the rats’ central nervous systems, allowing them to grow new nerve cells and to regain some movement in the areas below their spinal cord injuries.

The next step?

New experiments that will indicate whether this type of “rewiring” can be replicated in humans. The UCSD researchers have been awarded $4.7 million to move forward with their next phase of research.

This news is a huge boon for the hundreds of thousands of American who suffer complete or partial paralysis from spinal cord injuries. It’s the next step to finding a spinal injury cure. It’s also news that I – a San Diego spinal injury attorney – will follow closely in the years to come.

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