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If your child suffers from cerebral palsy, so do you, and so does your entire family.

If it’s a result of negligence, hold those responsible accountable.

Sadly, cerebral palsy is an incurable, life-long and life-altering affliction that affects the entire family. Necessary care can be extensive, and definitely expensive. While we can’t undo the damage, the right lawyer can help you recover some of the damages and get you the resources you need to provide the best possible care for your child throughout their life.

We’re San Diego’s most aggressive cerebral palsy lawyers, relentless in our pursuit to recover damages for our clients. The depth of our concern for parents and children who face this life-long affliction, plus our desire to hold accountable those negligent, drives us towards the goal of not only obtaining the compensation our clients deserve, but also hopefully eradicating negligent medical practices that lead to such horrific consequences.

Don’t do nothing, and don’t take a token settlement if that’s what insurance companies offered you. And don’t delay – you may have limited time to retain an attorney and file a civil lawsuit. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to find out if you have a case. We will examine the details surrounding your child’s affliction including procedure and care administered by health care professionals, and will determine where negligent action may have contributed towards your child’s cerebral palsy injury.

If cerebral palsy is the result of medical malpractice, you deserve compensation.

Cerebral palsy is a birth injury (see Birth Trauma Attorney) that affects muscle ability and motor skills, and can lead to a host of other problems that seriously impair an individual’s ability to lead a happy and healthy life. Cerebral palsy occurs during pregnancy and results when the brain of the unborn child is either damaged or does not develop normally for some reason. While proper prenatal care may diagnose the affliction and could lead to more effective regiment of treatment, some instances of cerebral palsy occur as the result of medical malpractice and negligent action that takes place during the birthing process.

During delivery, a variety of problems can arise, all of which require a skilled physician with the ability to act appropriately and under time constraint. If umbilical cord entrapment is not detected before an expectant mother begins to deliver, then her unborn child’s oxygen supply can become compromised, and the lack of steady oxygen flow can have a negative impact on the child’s brain. If the child is positioned in such a manner that traditional means of delivery (vaginal) poses a risk to the child’s well-being, then a caesarian section should be performed in order to prevent the child from being unnecessarily injured during delivery. As a result, shoulder dystocia may occur, which could damage nerves and tendons in the newborn’s shoulder, leading to complications that could include permanent nerve damage, lack of muscle control, and decreased functioning of motor skills.

Whether nerves are damaged during delivery, or the brain is deprived of oxygen, which essentially kills brain cells, a child can succumb to the crippling effects of cerebral palsy without any warning. While we trust physicians and other medical professionals to administer the best possible care when we are at our most vulnerable, such care is not always administered, unnecessary mistakes are made, and innocent newborn children are burdened with bearing the brunt of the negative, life-altering affects brought about by cerebral palsy. In instances where such shoddy care was administered during the birthing process, such actions can be deemed as medical malpractice, and those responsible for administering the shoddy care can be held liable for compensatory damages that arise as a result.

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If your child has suffered cerebral palsy as the result of poorly administered medical care in San Diego or surrounding areas, contact us today. We are relentless in getting our clients the compensation they deserve.

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"Words can never express the gratitude that my husband and I have for Attorney Steven Elia and attorney Holly Attiq.. For 2 years, we were put through fire with our personal injury case, but luckily we met Steven and Holly, that made the brutal process of litigation as comfortable as it can be for our family. And even after the dust came down, they still check on us very often and offer their services to try to help us to stand back on our feet."
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