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If your infant suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence, fight back.

In San Diego? Our experienced birth trauma lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The attorneys here at the Elia Law Firm in San Diego are experts in birth trauma as it relates to negligence and the law. With a 98.5% success rate, we can get you what you deserve. We will ensure that negligent parties are held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). We will seek compensation on your behalf to help cover the costs of medical bills and other fees that are associated with the injury.

But don’t delay. Time is critical. The sooner we go to work, the sooner you can get restitution and pay for the expenses that incurred.

Birth injuries are absolutely devastating no matter what form they take. But when they’re preventable, heartache is magnified.

Under ideal conditions, the birth of a child occurs without any sort of complication. Expectant parents are relieved that their new child has been born healthy and without defect, and can only hope that the rest of their lives are as mistake-free.

However, the sad truth of the matter is that many children each year are born with birth injuries, and many here in San Diego. Some of those could have been preventable, or at least not as severe, had adequate medical treatment been properly administered during pre-natal care sessions and the actual birthing process itself.

Birth trauma can take on a variety of forms, including:

  • Bruising, swelling, and forcep scarring, but these injuries typically fully heal after about a month after the baby has been born;
  • Loss of body control and muscular function resulting from damaged nerves, that can either heal or permanently be impaired if the nerves are torn;
  • Facial paralysis can result if facial nerves are damaged during the birthing process, and such damage could require surgery to repair;
  • Erb’s Palsy can affect a newborn if the nerves in the shoulder are injured during delivery, particularly if the baby’s arm is pulled on excessively by the delivery doctor;
  • Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain trauma that is sustained when the oxygen supply to the brain is affected somehow during the birthing process, possibly because of forcep misusage or the baby remaining in the birth canal too long.

We trust physicians with our well-being and that of our unborn children. How sad when they fail to deliver.

All birth trauma injuries can have serious repercussions on a child’s overall well-being and quality of life for years to come. While there are birth injuries that are caused by genetic abnormalities that cannot be prevented and only rigorously treated to ensure a better quality of life for one’s child, there are a host of other injuries that proper medical care could have prevented. We trust the doctors and physicians here in San Diego with our well-being, and that trust transfers over to our unborn children. We expect the quality of care received during childbirth to be exemplary, and for physicians to have the knowledge and foresight to act quickly and appropriately in the event that birthing complication arises.

Physicians and other medical personnel must be held accountable for their negligent actions when birth trauma injuries result.

If your child has been the victim of a birth trauma injury in San Diego or surrounding areas, and you feel as though shoddy medical care either before or during the birthing process played a contributing factor in your child’s injury, do not hesitate to contact a San Diego attorney specializing in birth injuries. The attornies here at the Law Office of Steven A. Elia can help you. It is of the utmost importance for all of the circumstances of your child’s birth to be examined by a legal professional who can help you hold physicians and other medical personnel accountable for their negligent actions.

You need the Elia Law Firm. We’re tough birth trauma attorneys based in San Diego.

We are relentless in the pursuit of the maximum compensation for birth injuries.

Contact us today for a free case consultation. We will civilly prosecute the negligent party to hold them accountable for your child’s injury. We are dedicated to seeking compensatory damages on your behalf to help cover the costs associated with your accident, such as medical bills, physical therapy fees, and other expenses related to the possible life-long treatment required to counteract your child’s birth injury.


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