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When people are dealing with a tragic accident fatality in their families, they often have to go up against insurance company lawyers or other high-powered attorneys representing defendants. Working through a difficult wrongful death case can be tough when families are dealing with the emotional impact of an accident at the same time. In addition, legal technicalities can be confusing and complex, and they can challenge those who seek to obtain compensation for an injury or fatality. All of this means that whether a family is going through a loss from a car crash or a different kind of wrongful death case related to public safety liabilities, families can lose out. Without experienced personal injury and San Diego wrongful death lawyers, families might accept less than they deserve under the law, or fail to bring a case to prove liability in a wrongful death situation.

Steven A. Elia understands that families go through a lot after a San Diego accident fatality. As an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer and wrongful death lawyer practicing in the area, he helps clients build a case from the ground up with attentive, compassionate care for the families of wrongful death victims. Helping families obtain appropriate documentation and facts without burdening them during the grieving process is a top priority for him. Steven Elia uses knowledge of local law and case precedent to acquire just compensation for the victim’s family after a severe auto accident or any other situation that involves a wrongful death in the San Diego area. Contact The Law Offices of Steven A. Elia today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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"Words can never express the gratitude that my husband and I have for Attorney Steven Elia and attorney Holly Attiq.. For 2 years, we were put through fire with our personal injury case, but luckily we met Steven and Holly, that made the brutal process of litigation as comfortable as it can be for our family. And even after the dust came down, they still check on us very often and offer their services to try to help us to stand back on our feet."
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