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Injured in a San Diego Truck Accident?

Auto accidents around the City of San Diego threaten local residents on a daily basis. Many of these involve a specific category of vehicle, the truck. Large trucks are involved in all kinds of local industry, as well as cross-country hauling. They’re all over San Diego roads, and they carry risk for auto accidents and collisions. When a truck goes out of control, it’s likely to affect multiple vehicles on the road or pedestrians. The larger footprint of a truck leads to various types of collisions and accidents, and its relative bulk means other vehicles are often susceptible to damage that is more critical when they encounter one of these lumbering trucks on the highway.

Many truck accidents happen on Highway 5 or other freeways around San Diego, where a truck leaving its lane can create a multi-vehicle collision with tragic results. Other truck accidents happen on the narrower roads around the airport, Balboa Park, University Heights or along the way out to Coronado and the North Island Naval Complex. Trucks can find themselves constricted by smaller traffic spaces. In addition, truck drivers can make errors in assessing turn distances or overlook smaller vehicles on the road.

Although many of the laws that apply to auto accidents also apply to accidents involving trucks, there may be some differences. Increasing complication in California auto accident law and auto insurance policies makes San Diego truck accidents a lot more difficult to figure out in terms of fault and liability. Some truck accident victims may sign paperwork too early and settle for a smaller payment than they deserve without understanding all aspects of the accident that injured them.

San Diego personal injury attorney Steven Elia has experience practicing in the San Diego area and helping clients with all kinds of truck accident cases. If you have experienced high medical bills, lost wages and other financial hardships because of a truck accident, call The Elia Law Firm, APC. You deserve caring, compassionate legal help so that you can receive the compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

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