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California Road Rage – What to Look For and How to Fight It Legally

San Diego Road Rage AtttorneyCalifornia is notorious for road rage incidents. Drivers get angry behind the wheel and start driving aggressively. It’s a serious problem because road ragers put both themselves and other drivers in danger of serious accidents… or worse.

While San Diego doesn’t rank the highest in the nation for road rage, the state of California joins New York and New Jersey as being states with the highest incidents of road rage. Wisconsin and Idaho have the fewest.

People with road rage respond differently. Some start driving erratically, others honks their horns, use bad language, wave their fists or make an obscene gesture.

San Diego Road Rage! What to do When You are a Victim of Aggressive Driving

It’s unfortunate, but extreme aggressive driving – also known as road rage – is very common on San Diego freeways and streets.

While there is no specific “road rage” law in effect in California, a driver can be criminally charged for extremely aggressive driving if his or her behavior behind the wheel fits a certain criteria. The charges a person might face for road rage are:

  • Reckless driving.
  • Assault or assault with a deadly weapon.

Both types of charges bring serious consequences.

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