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California’s Boating Accident Program Keeps Track of Statistics

California’s Boating Accident Program, part of the California Department of Boating and Waterways, compiles detailed statistics each year on the number and types of California boating accidents. In California, a boater who is in an accident must file a written report with the Department if the crash involved:

  • The death or disappearance of a person;
  • An injury requiring more than basic first aid;
  • Damage to a boat or other property costing more than $500; or
  • The loss of a boat.

Since 1999, the number of boating accidents has gradually decreased. 1999 saw 907 California boating accidents, but only 686 such accidents happened in 2008. The number of injuries in boating accidents was also lower than average in 2008; only 382 people were injured, compared to 524 people in 2000. On average, 50 Californians lose their lives each year in boating accidents. Boating accidents cause over $2,000,000 in property damage annually.

Southern California lakes and coasts, such as those around San Diego, see a higher number of accidents than the northern lakes and coasts, but a lower number of injuries. In 2008, for example, the southern coast saw 230 accidents but only 78 injuries, while the northern lakes saw 141 accidents and 82 injuries. In 2008, 12 boaters suffered fatal accidents while on a southern lake or coast.

Boating accidents often result from the carelessness or negligence of another boater. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, please contact an experienced San Diego boating accident lawyer. Attorney Steven A. Elia can help you understand your legal rights and options and will fight to win you the compensation you deserve. Call 619-444-2244 today to set up a free case evaluation.

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