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Construction, No Shoulder Causes Car Accident on I-805

Four people were injured Saturday after construction along I-805 blocked a driver from pulling over to the shoulder.

The accident caused a multi-vehicle pile up near East Palomar in Chula Vista.

Police say a woman experienced car trouble and tried to pull over to a safe place, but cement barriers due to ongoing construction along that stretch of I-805 prevented her from getting to safety.

Her disabled car led to a four-car chain reaction pileup. Officials say one person needed to be pulled from a vehicle. All of the injuries reported were minor.

Understanding Common San Diego Construction Accident Causes and Risks

Construction work involves several inherently dangerous tasks that are frequently performed under hazardous conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that although approximately 8% of U.S. workers are in the construction industry, about 22% of fatalities occur within this division. In comprising the largest number of on-the-job deaths reported for any of the industry fields, understanding common causes of San Diego construction accidents is one step towards prevention.

In order to help prevent construction accident injuries and fatalities, workers should be aware of the following risks:

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