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Political Asylum & Immigration Iraqi Attorney in San Diego

Need help getting political or other asylum in the United States? We can help.

Are you looking for an Arabic speaking attorney to assist you with your legal case for asylum? Steven A. Elia is a San Diego based, Iraqi American lawyer fluent in Arabic and English, and can help. He can assist you with filing your I-589 application, attend your interview with you before the USCIS Asylum Officer, and even represent you at trial before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) judge. Mr. Elia is available for representation throughout the United States, and his office is fluent in Arabic, Chaldean, Assyrian and English.

Steven Elia’s immigrant background – We speak Arabic!

Steven Elia was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1976 to a Chaldean father and an Assyrian mother. The elder Mr. Elia was a lawyer who fled Baghdad with his family after war broke out in 1980. Hoping for a better life in the United States, the Elia family spent two years in Italy waiting to immigrate and were granted permanent American residency in 1982. The family settled in El Cajon, a city within San Diego County, California. At the age of 18, Steven Elia became a naturalized U.S. citizen. Mr. Elia is a member of the Chaldean/Assyrian community, an Iraqi Christian group.

From father to son – Steve Elia’s road to becoming an attorney in San Diego

Mr. Elia began his legal career in the late 1990s working as a paralegal on a wide variety of cases, many involving immigration issues such as Iraqi political asylum, deportation, and family petitions. In September 2000, when hundreds of Iraqis made their way to Tijuana, Mexico in an attempt to lawfully enter the United States, Mr. Elia assisted several of those refugee families in their asylum cases, which ultimately resulted in entrance into the U.S. Mr. Elia became a licensed attorney in 2001 and has been actively practicing law since. Call our office for a free consultation and speak to Mr. Elia immediately.

We’d like to help you get asylum and get here safe.

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